HRS has a community foodbank that distributes groceries to community families every second Saturday morning. We operate as an agency to Winnipeg Harvest and are grateful to your contributions to them. If you are interested in donating or volunteering, please give us a call.

As a pastor I often look and ask, “Is what we are doing here in the community of value?” You might think that has an easy answer. “Of course, families are getting groceries!”

But it goes further than that. You come to see that these people consider you their pastor and this their church. Many may not attend any Sunday service, but when they ask you to pray for them, or conduct their weddings and funerals, you see that you are impacting lives more than through their bellies.

Last year I performed a wedding fro a young couple. When I first met them I questioned how they came to me. Their answer, she use to come to the foodbank and church when she was a teenage girl. She came with her mother. She had no other church. This was her church. But she had moved away from the community yet still considered this her church. What a great opportunity it became to reconnect with this family!

Any church that wants to connect with their community, this is the easy way to do this. Don’t just process people and groceries. Be with the people and give them dignity as they get their groceries.

Food Bank Volunteer Expressions

This year I asked some of my volunteers for some insights as to why they volunteer for the HRS  food bank.  The following are their thoughts and their reasons, and this is why this food bank runs as well as it does.  I’m still not really needed but I do still have the keys to the church, so I am needed in some way.  To all the following who have shared below, Thank you and God bless you.


I first found out about you on December 14, 1998 from a friend.  Before this I never knew you existed.  I called Winnipeg Harvest the same day and was told where to go.  The church, on Machray

December 19, 1998.  I kept on going until April 1999, when I decided to ask Mr. Sheridan (Chuck), if I could volunteer.  It made sense to me that if I had to wait to go through the line, I should be doing something useful to give back.  One day Chuck called and that was the beginning.  I started in the kitchen, making coffee, etc…until one other volunteer, (Connie), was taking a leave of absence.

She showed me how to do her position, (Greeter).  I would give up this position when she came back.  When she did, I went back to the kitchen.  I have problems with arthritis in my legs and at one point my leg was really bad and I had to stop coming to the food bank altogether.  I restarted near the end of 1999.  The day I came back, Chuck was showing another volunteer, (Lorna), how to do the greeter position.  I joked that now there was a sit down job he could have asked me to do it.  The last food bank of Dec./99 I had a phone call from Chuck asking if I was still interested.  I of course jumped at it and said yes. (I didn’t really jump because of my legs)

He let me know I would be starting the 1st food bank in Jan./2000.

He helped me the first month as any great manager would and when he was sure I knew what I was doing, he let me do it and as the saying goes “the rest is history”.  I am still enjoying this.  I have met some very good people who also volunteer and I have met some very nice people who need to use the food bank.  I will keep on doing this until my health wears out or …..  Whichever comes first?                                                                           Angela



My name is Lois.  I have been a volunteer with this food bank at Zion church for 6 ½ years.  I enjoy the experience every time I come here.  I like seeing the people and I especially like knowing that I am helping my community.  I know that there is a great need for volunteerism in this community.  I feel there is a very vibrant and caring spirit here which look after all of us.  Thank you God for the food bank in this community.  I have made many new friends and I enjoy their company.  They are great and have a very positive attitude.



When I was first asked to write a piece about the food bank I really didn’t want to say anything good.  Not about the food bank itself, but about the people who attend it.  They are poor because of their lifestyle and bad choices they’ve made.  Unfortunately, it is the children who suffer in this and by helping the parents we, in some small way, help the children.

Then God spoke to me about my heart and about how my own life choices “sucked” and that He was still here for me and has helped me.

He gave no “ifs” to me and He gives no “ifs” in “feed my sheep, feed my lambs”.

Not only does the food bank offer food and clothing, but life lessons as well.  Thank for the opportunity to volunteer.


Signed 3 year volunteer


The reason I enjoy volunteering is I get to meet several new people.  I get along well with all the other volunteers.  They are all very pleasant people to work with.  I find that HRS has a very good food bank.  They help needy people with food and clothing.  Cam and Chuck are very nice pastors.  I enjoy offering my services at the Zion church food bank.

Sincerely Marie Conway


I love going to the food bank at Zion church.  I love talking to people and telling them about Jesus, about what He can do for them.

Thank You

Lorna Plett