About Us

House of the Risen Son Ministry started as more of a para church style ministry in 1993. It was started to disciple the community that was being reached by Bondslave Motorcycle Club,  (https://www.bondslavemccanada.com)

Over the years it has grown and operated in different methods to accomplish this. Some of those who attend are bikers or at least of that culture but we continue to attract many who are not. Many are those who seek Jesus in a manner that is relevant to where they are at and do not want to feel that they are imposed upon. They want Jesus who is “real” from people who are “real”.

The worship services are held every Sunday at 7 pm in Zion Apostolic Church located at 305 Machray Ave. Winnipeg.

And every Sunday, you are welcome to join us. But be prepared to not find church as you expected it. Leave your previous church experiences elsewhere. Our building that we use is a church, and we still have the key elements of a worship service but in our culture and language. Next, we love Jesus.

Our Mission & Beliefs

The purpose of the ministry is:

  • To take the good news about Jesus Christ out to the people of the streets.
  • To be the church of Hope, Healing, and Community
  • To distribute Bibles, gospel tracts and a welcome to the fellowship of the church.
  • To network with Christian and government support agencies to meet the physical and emotional needs that these people may have.
  • When such sources are not available, then this ministry must  strive to find any provision that God may supply.
  • Luke 10: 2-3, Matt. 22: 9-10